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Automotive interior trim sound deadening material CIC-TC1803


Automobile interior trim sound deadening material CIC-TC1803 

Wenzhou Chinese Fiber Co.,Ltd. Acoustic insulation material. It is made by melt blowing micro-fiber including diameter 2 - 4 micron PP fiber (Polypropylene) and 20 - 30 micron PET fibers (Polyester). The product has good performances of acoustic insulation meanwhile, it has more characteristics as: environmental, light weight, hydrophobic, compressible, flexible installation etc. It is widely used in automobile interior and exterior soft trim NVH solutions as: A-B-C Pillar Acoustic Insulation, Door Trim Panel Acoustic Insulation, Engine Acoustic Insulation, Instrument Panel Acoustic Insulation, Fender Liner Acoustic Insulation, Quarter Trim Panel Acoustic Insulation, Trunk Trim Acoustic Insulation, Cowl Acoustic Insulation, Wheelhouse Acoustic Insulation, Headliner Insulation, Floor Insulation, etc.

General Properties

 Composition Web  50% Polypropylene + 50% Polyester
 Composition Scrim  Both side 100% Polypropylene fabric
 Color  Both sides white spunbond nonwoven fabric
 Material Weight  180 ± 10 g/m2
 Material Thickness  21mm ± 2mm
 Density  8.0 Kg/m3
 Flammability  0mm/min (A-0)
 Heat aging  120℃ for 2000 Hours
 Tensile Strength  MD: 9.0-10.0 N    CD: 10.0-12.0 N
 Moisture absorption  ≤ 0.4%
 Heat Conductivity  0.048 W/m·K
 Dimensions  1.52 X 50 meters


Acoustic properties - Alpha Cabin

CIC-TC1803 Acoustic properties - Impedance Tube



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