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Synthetic fibrous sound insulator pad for Automobile


Synthetic fibrous sound insulator pad for Automobile

CICSORB Acoustics is one of the word's largest producers of acoustical fiber insulation, and a leading producer of automotive fiber-based die cut and edge sealing products. CICSORB Acoustics is made by melt blowing micro-fiber including diameter 1-3 micron superfine fiber (Polypropylene) and 20-30 micron staple fibers (Polyester). The products has good performances of acoustic insulation, meanwhile it has more characteristics as: Environmental, Light weight, Hydrophobic, Compressible, Flexible installation etc. CICSORB Acoustics draws upon its expertise in fiber production, technical engineering and design innovation to provide world class automotive NVH Solutions.

General Properties

    · Material Surface: White scrim, Black scrim, Embossed, Aluminul foil

    · Material Thickness: 5mm - 60mm

    · Material Weight: 100 g/m2 - 800g/m2

    · Material Composition: PP + PET (PES)

    · Flammability: 0 mm/min (ISO 3795)

    · Heat aging: 120℃ for 2000 Hours

    · Moisture Content: ≤ 0.4% 

Vehicle Application   


1.   A-B-C Pillar trim 

2.   Door Hole Seal

3.   Headliner

4.   Rear Parcel Shelf

5.   Cargo Load Floor

6.   Trunk Trim

7.   Floor

8.   Door Trim

9.   Center Console

10.  Fender Liner

11.  Engine Under Cover

12.  Instrument Panel

Key benefits

· Reduces vehicle weight when compared with felt, foam and polyester materials.

· Easy to compress and highly conformable, enabling installation in smaller cavities.

· Production costs can be reduced as less material is required.

· Hydrophobic, non-woven structure allows both interior and exterior use without the need for a waterproofing barrier.

· Easily recycled as it is a Polypropylene blend the product resists mould and mildew growth so no odors or material degradation occurs. 


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