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Automotive NVH solution soft trim material AU4002-6


Automotive NVH solution soft trim material AU4002-6

CIC Acoustic Insulation is a superior sound absorbing materials specifically designed for a variety of acoustic control applications. Its unique double side black fabric surface make it ideal for engine side applications where it can be placed near the source of the sound.

It is compressible, lightweight, hydrophobic, conformable and can easily be die cutting, heat sealed and thermally or sonically bonded to many other substrates. 

General Properties

 Composition Web  65% Polypropylene + 35% Polyester
 Composition Scrim  Both side 100% black Polypropylene fabric
 Color  Both sides black scrim
 Material Weight  490 ± 10 g/m2
 Material Thickness  26mm ± 2mm
 Density  21.0 Kg/m3
 Flammability  0mm/min (A-0)
 Heat aging  120℃ for 2000 Hours
 Tensile Strength  MD: 13.0-15.0 N    CD: 15.0-17.0 N
 Moisture absorption  ≤ 0.4%
 Heat Conductivity  0.032 W/m·K
 Dimensions  1.52 X 30 meters

Average performance of CIC Sound Absorption Products grouped by weight

Key benefits

  • Reduces vehicle weight when compared with felt, foam and polyester materials.
  • Easy to compress and highly conformable, enabling installation in smaller cavities.
  • Production costs can be reduced as less material is required.
  • Hydrophobic, non-woven structure allows both interior and exterior use without the need for a waterproofing barrier.
  • Easily recycled as it is a Polypropylene blend the product resists mould and mildew growth so no odors or material degradation occurs. 


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