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Automotive NVH Materials Market
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Automotive NVH Materials Market

                                                                                                                  - CICsorb® Acoustic Insulation nonwoven fiber

The global demand for automotive NVH materials, especially in regions such as Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America, is growing. This growth is fueled by the high demand for automotive NVH materials from the automotive industry. Automotive NVH materials enhance the overall ride comfort and driveability of vehicles. Besides, the vehicle buying decision of customers is also increasingly influenced by the NVH levels.

The use of sound and vibration absorbing materials has been significantly increased by automotive manufacturers to provide enhanced customer satisfaction and comfort. Asia-Pacific is the largest market for automotive NVH materials, in terms of value, and is expected to lead the global automotive NVH materials market. Countries in this region, such as China and India, are witnessing a significant increase in the use of automotive NVH materials in the passenger vehicles segment. The market’s growth in this region can be attributed to the increasing automotive industry, which is driving the demand for automotive NVH materials. In North America, the U.S. is the largest market for automotive NVH materials and this dominance is projected to continue during the forecast period.

The automotive NVH materials market has considerable players competing for significant market shares. These companies are actively adopting various strategies, such as new product development, acquisitions, and joint ventures, to increase their market shares. Major manufacturers, including Thinsulate, Aculite, AUT-INS Neptune, NOISELITE, AutoZorb, Sonozorb, etc. Have adopted various organic and inorganic growth strategies to expand their business.

CICsorb® are the most preferred type of automotive NVH materials. It's made by melt blowing micro fiber including superfine fiber PP (Polypropylene) and staple fibers PET (Polyester). The product has good performances of acoustic insulation and low cost. Meanwhile, it has more characteristics as: Environmental, Light weight, Hydrophobic, Compressible, Flexible installation etc. Make CICsorb® the most preferred type of automotive NVH materials. It is also widely used in many fields, such as: High speed train, Tube project, Ship, Yacht, Air plane, office equipment, Machine, Laboratory, Meeting room, Equipment sound insulation, workshop etc.


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