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CICsorb's experimental and R&D capabilities are accredited by CNAS
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CICsorb® products experiment center has a total investment of about USD 5 million and has been accredited by CNAS. It has many national standard laboratories such as automotive acoustic laboratory, combustion laboratory, physical performance laboratory, and high and low temperature laboratory.

Main Equipment
1. Autoneum Alpha Cabin
2. B&K Impedance Tube
3. ESPEC high and low temperature humidity and heat test chamber
4. Tensile tester
5. Flamability retardant tester

Main Testing Items
Sound absorption performance, Flamability, Aging resistance, Tensile performance, Tear strength, Filtration efficiency and other technically advanced testing equipment and industry-leading testing level provide accurate data for vehicle NVH noise reduction and meet the diversified testing needs of industry customers.

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