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CICsorb® PP/ PET Bi-component Automotive Sound Absorbing Materials

General Description

CICsorb® Multi-component PP and PET Acoustic Insulator automotive acoustic insulation material is made by melt blown microfiber including diameter 1-4 micron superfine PP ( Polypropylene ) long fiber and 20-30 micron PET ( Polyester ) staple fiber. CICsorb product has good performances of acoustic insulation meanwhile, it has more characteristics as: environmental, light weight, hydrophobic, compressible, flexible installation etc. CICsorb automotive sound absorbing materials offers diversified product portfolio, ranging in thickness from 5 mm to 60 mm and ranging in weight from 100 g/m2 to 800 g/m2, and can meet various designing demands from the customers.


    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle A, B, C pillars

    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle body side trim panels

    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle headliners

    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle instrument panels

    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle engine cover

    · Reducing NVH in Vehicle door trim panels

Component Detail

Machine or Laser cut finished parts, with optional edge sealing and adhesive


    · Superior acoustical performance

    · Less weight compared with felt, foam and polyester acoustic insulation materials

    · Hydrophobic - prevents build up of weight and odors

    · Resists mould and mildew growth

    · Reduce production costs as less material is required

    · Non-linting

    · Completely recyclable

    · Easy die cut and heat sealed

    · Easy to compress and highly conformable in vehicle parts

    · Can be ultrasonically welded, heat staking to substrates

General Properties

    · Material Surface: White scrim, Black scrim, Embossed, Aluminum foil

    · Material Thickness: 5mm - 60mm

    · Material Weight: 100 g/m2 - 800 g/m2

    · Material Composition: PP + PET (PES)

    · Flammability: 0 mm/min (ISO 3795)

    · Heat aging: 120℃ for 2000 Hours

    · Moisture Content: ≤ 0.4% 

Acoustical Properties ----- Alpha Cabin

Alpha Cabin Measurement with 1 × 1.2 meters (1.20 m2) sample measuring Random Incidence Sound 





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