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CICsorb® 100% PET (PES)  fibers Automotive Acoustic Insulation Materials


General Description 

CICsorb® 100% PET (PES) Mixed fiber automotive acoustic insulation material is manufactured from a specially formulated mix of high and low melt, non-irritating, water repellent polyester fibers. CICsorb Polyester (PET) Bicomponent Automotive Acoustic Insulation materials offers diversified product portfolio, ranging in thickness from 5mm to 150mm and ranging in weight from 100g/m2 to 2000g/m2, and can meet various designing demands from the customers.


CICsorb® Multi-component Polyester (PET) Mixed fiber automotive acoustic insulation is used extensively in the moulding of headliners, interior trim panels, bulkhead mats and other engine compartment components used in specialist vehicle applications.


   · Can be made soft and flexible or firm and inherently rigid

   · Superior acoustical performance

   · Flammability reach 0 mm/min according to ISO 3795 standard.

   · Absorbs hardly any moisture (Less than 1%)

   · Completely recyclable

   · Odor less and Mold free 

General Properties

   · Material Surface: White scrim, Black scrim (nonwoven fabric)

   · Material Composition: 100% PES (Polyester)

   · Material Color: White, Black, Gray

   · Material Weight: 100 g/m2 - 2000 g/m2

   · Material Thickness: 5 mm - 150 mm

   · Width Ability: 2.50 meters

   · Operating Temperature: -50℃ - 140℃

   · Flammability: 0 mm/min (ISO 3795)

   · Moisture Content: ≤ 1%   



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